Hey Everyone – I’ve been prepping my 74 911 for a paint job over the past year and finally shot the primer, color and clear in March!  Since then I’ve been color sanding and polishing – wow!  What a difference that makes!  Except for some lost parts I hope will turn up, it went pretty good.  I put it in the driveway to give myself a little more room for the final painting of the bumpers, mirrors and rocker covers.  It’s been a real experience as this was my 1st paint job and I expect my next one to be much better.  I’ll paint my 67 MGB when this is finished and I may repaint the 911 in a couple of years or so!


1st – A couple of “Before” Shots: 911 In the Driveway        

911 From Other Side  They’re a little dark – I was using a cheapo camera.  I bought a Nikon CoolPix2000 which I highly recommend.


Here are some photos of the car as I did various things –

Preparing for paint –

Sanding Started     Sanding Continues            Still Sanding

Yep, More Sanding!


Primer Goes On!

Primer #1     Primer #2    Primer #3    Primer #4


Some close-ups of the new paint while I’m still polishing (the roof needs a lot of work) in the garage:

The Polish I used sitting on the new paint.       Close-up.      Close-up 2

Close-up 3             Close-up 5             Close-up 6  The orange peel that shows in most photos is almost gone in “Close-up 6” and I expect to continue color sanding some more – I wanted to finish the painting and assembly before I get back to the polishing – which is immensely satisfying to do because you get to see it go from looking kind of sad with too much orange peel to looking spectacular as it gets very smooth!


Outside for the 1st time after the New Paint has been applied -

My 911 Sees Daylight After a Year!    

Guards Red and Waiting for Bumpers!

Another Image of my 911

The New Paint Shines in the Sunlight!


As of Jul 1, 2004, I still have to paint the front and rear bumpers, the rocker covers, headlight rings and rear fender extensions.  Hopefully I’ll finish paint them this week and can do the color and clear next week.  I’ll take some more photos then and post them.


One of these days I’ll find a good thumbnail generator so I can have thumbnails here for you all to click.


OK, after reading some of the very kind compliments from people who looked at my photos, I decided to do a write-up explaining what I did.  Maybe it’ll help someone.


Here ya go –

How I Painted My 1974 911.htm


OK, after the 1st paint job, I went over it carefully after color sanding it.  There were several places I wasn’t happy with.  Left me backup for a minute – I had to reshoot the bumpers and some trim and they came out so freakin’ perfect I thought someone else had done it. So it was back to the rest of the car for a re-analysis of what I’d done before.


 Some places just didn’t look good enough even for my low standards.  So I decided to re-shoot it after a thorough sanding.  I went over the whole car with 400# sandpaper (wet) and got everything really, really smooth.  I then put another couple of coats of red on it followed by 6-8 coats of clear.  I still had plenty of paint left over so I didn’t have to buy any.  The decision to reshoot the car didn’t come easy, but it got easier every time I looked at the car – I knew I would be unhappy with it every time I looked at it or even thought about it. 


Here's the new Stuff!


Here’s some photo’s of how it looks now, after the 2nd paint spray.  I must admit, it looks 100% better.

Repaint #1   Repaint #2  Repaint #3  Repaint #4  Repaint #5  Repaint #6

Repaint #7


And here’s the Paint Equipment I used:

Paint Guns 1  Paint Guns 2 Paint Guns 3 Paint Guns 4




I recently came across an advertisement for a Rally that may be interesting – here’s a link to the Registration Package for the event in .PDF format.


Carolina Rallye