1978 Porsche 911SC targa

Accept no substitute!





















I bought this car from Santa Barbara Car Co. in March of 2003. It was an eBay purchase. When I hired Schneider's Auto Haus in Santa Barbara to do the P.P.I, I learned that the previous owner had been using them for maintenance and upgrades since 1991!













Everything looked good so I had the car shipped to S. Texas; it arrived in March of 2003.
















Here's the original "cork" interior.




















Very "70's"!!!















It's quite funny. I had never so much as opened the door of a 911, let alone driven one, before buying this car! I'm a big guy, so I nervously waited to see if I would even fit in it! From that first evening drive when it arrived, I was absolutely hooked!

Here’s the car with spoiler’s added front and back, on the track in Nov. 2003. This was my second driving event. Obviously, I was driving so fast that even our experienced event photographer was unable to keep up!

Thanks for looking!