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*      The “New” Track Car

*      The “Old” Track Car (Gone…)

*      The Garage Queen (Gone…)

*      The Family







The “New” Track Car!

1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Euro

I bought this car during the spring of 2003. My original track car was a street car that I sort-of converted to a track car. The roll bar was removable, so it was easy to turn back into a street car. After a few events (featured below), I realized that I wanted a dedicated track car that I could thrash with little consequences. I ended up selling the old one.


Steve Alarcon, at Johnson’s Alignment, found this particular car (the previous owner runs with the POC as well) for me. The car was well-sorted, but still had some “street” comforts that we quickly got rid of. The best part about this car for me was the fact that it lacks a sunroof. At 6’4”, I needed as much room as possible. The “Euro” model came with a compression ratio of 10.3:1 (reported) and slightly different gearing than its US counterpart.


Initial modifications included:

*      Lightweight bumpers

*      Aux oil cooler up front

*      A complete roll cage

*      Headers and exhaust

*      Wevo Shifter


During the summer of 2004, the car went back to AASE Motors for some additional work. I wanted to make the car a bit more competitive. As well, the fact that it was a Euro-spec engine bumped me up a class. I wanted to play with the boys in JP class. In order to do so, I had to reduce the compression to 9.5:1. The good news is they checked the engine before doing this and the compression came in at 9.8:1 (below the reported 10.3:1). A drop of .3:1 was needed to make it class-legal. I doubt anyone could notice the difference in the compression change, though. While we were in there, we did a few other things…


Recent modifications:

*      Rebuilt engine with new compression

*      AASCO Valve springs

*      Ti retainers

*      Limited slip differential

*      New clutch with LWF

*      Re-geared 1-5 (AWESOME! If you want more info on this, e-mail me)



Some pictures:


These are from The California Speedway with the Porsche Owners Club (POC) in March of 2004.




Here are a few pictures before we added the bumpers, etc. at Willow Springs.






The “Old” Track Car!

1995 Porsche 993 Cabriolet

I bought this car in February of 2000. Adventurine Green is one of my most favorite colors. This was the perfect southern California car and quickly became my daily driver. It was pretty much stock, except for the Bilstein HD’s with the M030 springs.


This was my first track event. It was a DE with Tracquest at Buttonwillow.

Nice work with the tape… I was drunk and it was early (OK, I wasn’t drunk…).



This was my second DE with Tracquest at Laguna Seca. The first picture is the corkscrew.






The Garage Queen!

1997 Porsche 993 S

I bought this car during the fall of 2002. The Glacier White exterior really caught my eye. When I buy my 993TT, it is going to be Glacier White (that or Speed Yellow, Silver, Black, or Arena Red). It had 11,400 miles when I bought it. The car was immaculate. The S Aerokit was factory-installed. I am still kicking myself for selling it…


These pictures were taken at the dealership (Truspeed Motorcars).





Here are a few pictures of all three.

I love this picture.






The Family

Just a few pictures of the family…