Mike Monson’s
1988 928S4




These pictures were taken summer of 1999, after I had the GTS mirrors installed,

and replaced the wheels with C2 style rims and BFG g-force KD’s . Center caps are

genuine Porsche plastic! The first upgrade I did in 1998 was complete suspension change using

Devek’s Koni externally adjustable shocks and Hypercoil coilover springs., along with the heavy

sway bar.


Engine bay recently renewed. I had Devek remove and repaint the air intake manifold and cam covers.
As long as they were in there they also replaced cold start actuator, knock sensors, all new ignition from
Coils to plugs, adjusted cam timing, t-belt, waterpump, thermostat, Devek radiator, all coolant hoses, all
Vacuum lines and fittings, all accessible seals, belts, etc. etc….. Needless to say it runs perfectly.
The blue crossmember is Devek’s new brace in ‘Devek blue’ to match Devek heavy sway bar.

Exterior views. Last summer I upgraded the brakes to ‘Big Reds’ with Porsche cast hole
rotors. We also added an adjustable bias proportioning valve to add a little more to the
rear braking.

More to come.

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February 24, 2001
February 25, 2001