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Welcome to my page.

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For anyone who didn't know
This a a Porsche 914!

Some of the 914's I have owned out of the 34 Porsche 914's I have owned, repaired and driven since 1970.

This 1970 1.7 was my 1st 914 back in 1970. Wife Red in the photo
This 1970 914 is at my son's house.
My last daily driver that was sold last year to someone in Maryland
Another shot of the Signal Orange 1974
Yet another view of the Signal Orange 1974
Just another pix of the Signal Orange 1974
Red 73. Photo is of another one of my 914's. I trashed those plastic phony Fuchs.
My blue 1974 914 and my Ghia with some Irish friends
My white 74 in the snow where I was employed.
This is one I found and sold last year, a 1973 "S". They are still out there.
This is the above 914 I found after cleaned up a little.

Some 914's I took photos of.

Shot taken years ago at Perry K's place
Another Shot taken years ago at Perry K's place
Yet another Shot taken years ago at Perry K's place
Just another pix taken years ago at Perry K's place
My son Michael and I checking out the new Malibu Grand Prix around 1980. My 914 sits in background.

My own 914 Tech Sheets.

Adjustment procedure for 1.7 and 1.8 throttle body switch
Throttle body switch adjustment procedure for 2.0 engine
How to make my RickyDo rear lid torsion spring tool
How to use the RickyDo rear lid torsion spring tool

Other Cars I like as much as the 914's

My all time favorite car. 1980 VW Scirrocco S taken when it was new in 1980.
From new to 160K miles without a problem.
Good job Michael!

I have owned over 150 daily drivers. I would be rich if I had only owned a couple like this Scirrocco.

My last fun driver (that I drove about once a week) is this 1983 Datsun 280ZX Turbo.

This was a fast car and looked pretty decent except for some hail dings in the front hood.

Sad for me, I sold this car only because if something went wrong, I couldn't afford to repair it.

Another hobby I enjoy is drawing. 

These are some I have tried doing recently. Ok, not the greatest but I still try.











Thirty things you should know about driving in Memphis.

Author unknown.

1. Downtown Memphis is comprised entirely of one-way streets. The only way to get out of downtown Memphis is to turn around and start over when you reach Arkansas or Mississippi.

2. All directions start with, "Go down I-240..."

3. I-240 has no beginning and no end.

4. Coca-Cola is bottled in Memphis. That's all we drink here, so don't ask for any other soft drink. And, by the way, it's pronounced "Co'Cola".

5. Memphians only know their way home and their way to work.

6. Gate One at the Airport is 32 miles away from the Main Concourse.

7. It's impossible to go around a block and wind up on the street you started on. The Chamber of Commerce calls it a "scenic drive".

8. The 8 a.m. rush hour is from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The 5:00 p.m. rush hour is from 3:30p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning.

9. Reversible Lanes (for example, Union Avenue) are not understood by anybody.

10. "Sir" and "Ma'am" are used by the person speaking to you if there's a remote possibility that you're at least 30 minutes older than they are.

11. "Sugar" is a more common form of address than "Miss." So is "Honey".

12. "Presley" can only be properly pronounced by a native Memphian, so do not attempt the pronunciation. People will simply tilt their heads to the right and stare at you with their mouths open.

13. The falling of one raindrop causes all traffic to immediately come to a screeching halt. So will Daylight Saving Time, a girl applying eye shadow across the street, or a flat tire three lanes over. Should (God forbid) one snowflake fall in Memphis, all drivers on the roads immediately lose any ability to control a car. Or, if in a pickup truck or SUV, they will drive as though the roads are dry.

14. If you're standing on a corner and a Metro Bus stops, you're expected to get on and go somewhere - although no one actually knows where the buses go.

15. Memphis is pronounced "MEM'-fus".

16. Construction on I-240 is perpetual, a way of life, and a permanent form of entertainment for the road construction companies.

17. Construction crews aren't doing their job properly unless they close down all lanes except one during rush hour.

18. Memphis' traffic is the friendliest around. The commuters spend hours mingling with each other twice a day. In fact, Memphis' traffic is rated number 1 in the country. You will often see people parked beside the road and engaged in lively discussions.

19. I-240 is the southern equivalent of the Autobahn. You will rarely see a semi-truck on I-240, because the truck drivers are intimidated by the oversized SUV-wielding housewives racing home after a grueling day at the salon or the tennis match to meet their children at the school bus.

20. The 95 pound woman driving the Ford Excursion (the largest vehicle ever produced in the world) absolutely MUST come to a complete stop, then proceed at 2.5 mph over any railroad track. Let's face it, this vehicle was built to invade small countries, and she's worried about the darn railroad tracks!!!

21. Hard and fast rule of the road in Memphis: Never use your turn indicator when changing lanes on any freeway. Use it randomly on surface streets.

22. Pedestrians in Memphis have the right-of-way....but it is a driver's duty to take out the pedestrian when crossing the street.

23. The parking lots at all the malls rotate once every hour, thus ensuring that visitors will be unable to find their cars.

24. Most native Memphians do not know how to get around downtown.

25. Even though I-240 is known as a "loop," you cannot drive the entire circumference of the loop without taking several exits.

26. Even though it is the largest indoor arena in the region, there is no easy way to reach The Pyramid. You must drive under a series of interstate off-ramps and through the back of a concrete company in order to park. Once you reach the building, you must climb up dozens of steps, even if your seats are at floor level, which means you will be climbing back DOWN dozens of steps after entering the arena.

27. A typical set of Midtown directions may include, "take North Parkway East until you reach East Parkway, then take East Parkway South until you reach South Parkway, then take South Parkway West until you reach..."

28. If you drive South from Shady Grove Road, you will end up on Ridgeway Road without taking any turns. If you continue South, you will eventually be on Hickory Hill Blvd, again without taking any turns. However, Ridgeway Road will be parallel to you about a mile to the East. Memphis' street names change without warning. It is common knowledge that Memphis was laid out by a drunk Indian on a crippled horse. Just go to Winchester Road out East, and try to distinguish between the intersections of Germantown Road, Old Germantown Road, and Germantown Road Extended/Riverdale.

29. There is an intersection of two streets near Midtown. The "two" streets are Summer Avenue, North Parkway, Trezevant Blvd., and East Parkway. Again, names change at random. This situation (two intersecting streets with four names) is not untypical.

30. Native Memphians cannot distinguish between the Mississippi River bridges named "Memphis-Arkansas Bridge" and "Hernando DeSoto Bridge." Nor can they distinguish between the "I-55 Bridge" and the "I-40 Bridge." They are ONLY known locally as the "Old Bridge" and the "New Bridge" (even though the "New Bridge" is almost thirty years old.



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