After painting my 74 911,  I was finally able to start the restoration of my 66 MGB.  The MGB is registered as a 1967 but was built in June 1966.  I bought this MGB in 1970 from a small sports car repair shop who owned it to use as parts.  I bought it for $450 and I put a used fender, fuel pump and exhaust header on it and then proceeded to put ~350,000 on it as my daily driver over the next 20 years. It only let me down once in those years when the fuel pump died on my way to work.  All those miles on dirt and mud roads put a lot of rust on it and when I stopped driving it in 1990 the rockers, floors and all 4 fenders had been attacked badly by the rust bug.  After 10+ years of collecting new sheet-metal on sale and a MIG welder I started trying my hand at metal work.  In the end I decided my talent does not lie in the field of metalwork.  I checked with some shops and found it would cost $4000+ to have the sheet-metal welded in place and decided that was too much.  I found another MGB Roadster on eBay that was identical to mine except for the wire-wheels which mine did not have.  Also, the “new” MGB was only a few numbers from my original on the assembly line.  Sadly, after stripping the original B of everything that would come off I sent it to the scrap yard.


Here are some photos of the Calif. MGB shortly after it was taken off the truck.


MGB - 1                      MGB - 2