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"There is something about the Greek people; everyone likes to dance", says Dean Bellos, when prompted to explain the zest with which both elder Greek born and younger generations of Greek Americans approach dancing. Dean is the leader of the Kyklos ethnic dance group, a group whose foundations lay deep in the local community, in this case the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church of St. Louis. Currently a twelve-member ensemble of men and women, Kyklos, also known as the Hellenic Dancers of St. Louis, perform in traditional attire dances and songs from Greece, Asia Minor and the Greek Islands.

The group strives to preserve and promote the Greek culture and heritage and prefers to present older, authentic versions of dances rather than some of the modern day offshoots which while possibly more showy and choreographed are not true to their roots. The performers appear wearing faithful replicas of traditional Greek clothing representing the region from which the dances come from. While the men may wear woolen pants and vests for Thracian dances, they switch to vrakas and white blousey shirts for Dodecanesian or Cretan dances. Similarly, the women switch between multiple sets of dresses, aprons, scarves and gold jewelry depending on the dances, each time according to a different pattern.

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Wearing costumes from the Thracian neighboring villages of Metaxades (women) and Krios on May 24, 1998.

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