For pictures of my fuel pressure gauge connector, click here.

My 1989 928 GT

This is me and my 928 GT on the night I bought it in New York.
We are both happy to have survived the nerve-wracking drive from New Rochelle
to Long Island in the snow.


The next morning. The canal behind my buddy's house in Long Island was frozen and snowed-over.


At home in Houston and cleaned up after the 2,000 mile drive from New York.


(One of the aftermarket PIAA "beer can" driving lights didn't survive the trip;
I took the other off after taking this picture.)


The fun seat. Since taking this picture, I've replaced the Momo steering wheel with an OE 4-spoke wheel
and replaced the shift lever with a short-throw lever from 928 International.

The power plant. 326 HP at 6000 RPM, according to the factory.


The option sticker.