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Crash videos and pics from 7/10/04 944 Cup Race at Summit Point


Video is here:



Crash Damage Pics are  below


  1. Undamaged Passenger Side – (note that the steering wheel is straight for all of these pics:


  1. Driver’s side 2


  1. Driver’s side 3


  1. Driver’s Side 4





I got lucky – after expert analysis at IMA, here’s the butcher’s bill:


  1. New Hub/Spindle
  2. Replace A-Arm as a precaution (these are 4 year old OEM A-Arms)
  3. Replace wheel bearing as a precaution
  4. New Fender/Headlight
  5. New Strut (Bilstein – OUCH!)
  6. Need to straighten the caster block mount – this will take some doing….


All in all, I got off pretty lucky on damage considering the hit….



Video from 944 Cup Round 6 at Summit Point – 28 MB.  Good race for P1 in SuperCup until my throttle cable broke on lap 6.


Video is here