Pinion Bearing Failures

Significant No's (est. 100+) of the 6 speed manual 968's have suffered pinion bearing failure due to
 a manufacturing fault at assembly. Many owners of low mileage cars received no help from Porsche.

 Recently 6 higher mileage (60-87K miles) cars failed and at least two a month are reported. 

Read the open letter to Porsche President and CEO.

We have received an evasive reply, and the follow up letter was ignored.

 80+ owners protested to Porsche President and CEO.

Few had a polite but evasive reply, most were ignored ! 

968 manual owner ? Can it happen to you ? It's a $3,000 question and you lose anyway, 

because wise buyers would discount your car by the cost of repair !

See the list of 95 afflicted cars / owners. Read the FAQ's and answers.

What a lot of bad publicity for Porsche...

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