Dan's '78 Porsche 928 Site

I bought my old bugger in 1990, sight unseen.  My brother saw it in a lot in New Mexico, and he figured it was the car for me.  Well, he was right.  Of course, I'd never recommend buying a 928 sight useen, but then, I'm not the smartest guy in the world when it comes to emotional purchases.

Here's a quick picture all polished up.  This the type of photo where you back way up and use soft focus.  Let's just say that there's a quickie paint job lurking here as well as years of aging in the interior.

For a story of my initial ownership misfourtunes, take a read here:

On a slightly more positive note, here's a picture of her with "round one" of a new paint job.

I have a few other things that might be of interest linked below:

 On-going Paint Saga (part 1)

 Interior Restoration Saga (in progress)

 Odds and Ends

Well, this trip has been lots of fun, even if it's included unplanned side trips.  But playing with a project like this does teach you a lot - about your project (obviously) and about yourself and abilities.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Dan Perez
[email protected]