My 1974 Porsche 911 gets a new paint job!


I started the paint preparation part of this project in Feb 03. Since Im pretty slow (no wise cracks!), its taken me a while to get to the point where I could apply 4-6 coats of primer with a hardener added. I sanded the body using 220 grit sandpaper using both the wet & dry method depending on the situation.. As you probably know, the 911 is a hugely complex vehicle and the body has many compound curves.


Some Misc photos-- 74 911 My 911 with Fuchs


Heres some images of the sanding part

Sanding is underway on the old finish

More sanding done! This part was definitely NOT fun!


I finally took the plunge and put the first coat of primer on. I plan to end up with 4-6 coats of primer so I can sand (theres that S word again)

The First Coat is Curing!

Another View of the Primer

A side view of the prime coat

As you can see, my garage is a little crowded for this kind of work.


Ill post more photos as I get more work done. BTW, I finally decided on the color its definitely going to be Guards Red the latest variation as used on late 996s. Unless I change my mind again. ;-)


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