Hereís a little website where Iíve put some pages for others to view so they donít have to be emailed back and forth.Itís a mixed-bag of stuff but here goes Ė


Articles about Porsches in the Magazines I have.


This is a list of the magazines I have that have articles about Porsches in them.Iím still doing a inventory of the magazines so this document will evolve as I finish more and more of the project.Iíll probably do Road & Track first and then all the others.


+ Hereís some images of my 74 911.Iím in the process of preparing to paint it and need to provide some more images of it in the sanding stageÖ.

My 911 (1)

My 911 (2)

One of My New BBS Wheels Needing Work


+ Hereís some of my favorite images:

Kills Bugs Fast Advertisement - Excellent!



+ Hereís a story that appeared in Road & Track in Sept 1966 Ė Itís Called:

So you'd like to own a Ferrari??

+ And a Article that appeared in Autoweek 8-26-91

Driving Skill Appreciation