Bruce's Beater 1982 928

928 Hot Wheels collection

Here is my Hot wheels 928 collection

928 Upper Control Arm Polyurethane bushings

Many people have asked for pictures of the Poly bushing installation on upper control arm, these have been installed for a year now

Another view same side. I have been very happy with the performance of the new bushings. This job is best done when you are doing the motor mounts because due to clearance issues with the bolts that hold the arm to the chassis, the cross member needs to be out of the way. Loosen the nuts on each end of the arm before you remove the arm from the car. Once the arm is out of the car the two bolts need to be tapped out of the arm so that the old bushings can be removed. Getting the new bushings in takes some persistance. I found that a piece of appropriately sized PVC pipe helped to press in the bushings. The instructions that come with the bushings show the order of the washers in reassembly or, use my pictures as a reference. The arms will only go back in one way so they can't be mixed up. Replace the upper ball joint boots WYAIT

Rear Suspension Links improperly installed by previous owner and resulting damage. This was probably done durring a torque converter change

This picture shows the drivers side with the link incorrectly installed, note the contact marks on the sway bar and chassis

This shows a comparrison of the old link versus new

This shows the new link installed , note the extra clearance

This shows the passenger side link incorrectly installed, this side showed the most damage

Don't let this happen to you, the above damage escaped notice durring a full alignment at a Porsche specialty shop in which all of the rear suspension bolt torques were checked. If you have had any rear end or transmission/torque tube work done or if the history of your car is unknown.. CHECK YOUR CAR!!! If the links would have failed at highway speed the results could have been catastrophic.Interestingly I had the car nearly a year before this was noticed while doing the brakes. Aside from the rear suspension being really stiff it rarely exhibited any noise that would alert me of any problems. It now handles like a whole different car.