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Welcome to Jrod's Porsche 924 page.

In late November 2001 I became the owner of my 78' Porsche 924. After searching long and hard on ebay, i finally found this beautiful car located in Bloomington. The car is very clean with no rust, and only 69,ooo miles. Many features on her include a removable roof, power mirrors, and rare green & white-checkered interior. Also included were the aluminum 8 spoke rims. Since I obtain the car I have done a great deal of modifications to it. Including adding fog lights to the front, and a neon glow lit under the car, with black lights. Since music is also very important to sports car, Iv outfitted her with a decent system.

·        Jvc 180 watt cd player with fold down, detachable face, and remote

·        4” pioneer speakers in the door

·        4x6 opitmus’s in the rear Quarter panel.

·        5 ¼” sony bookshelf speakers for in the rear part of the hatch

·        6 ½” kenwood kfc’s mounted in the kick panels

·        900 watt pyramid four channel amp

·        400 watt optimus for the subs

·        2 400 watt pioneer subs mounted in a custom box with 1.86 cu ft per sub

·        1.0 farad legacy capacitor

here are some pics of my 78' 924 N.A.

right side with black lights on | front view with all the lights on | rear view of car

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