A fellow Rennlister has agreed to "adopt" this awesome car! Congratulations Joe Serio!

This car is no longer for sale but feel free to check out the pics (I love this color)


Quick details:

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I am very sorry to have to sell this car but I need the money for repairs to my house (and my wife promised me a replacement GTS later.) I bought this car in the hopes of supercharging it since it has the limited slip rear end, the forged connecting rods, and the "taller" 2:20 final drive I thought that it would be perfect for supercharging but I must sell it before I even had a chance to drive it really. I bought it last year from a friend who had traded his SUV to his brother for this 928. He is not mechanical so after owning it for 6 months and paying almost $3000 for a couple of repairs and another $2900 to repair a door dent, he decided to sell the car so I happily bought it and put it in my garage. I have only registered it so that I can sell it (foolishly I filled out the buyer portion of the title.)  I put less than 850 miles on the car in the whole time I owned it. I am selling it reluctantly and offering it to Rennlisters first in the hopes of finding it a good home If I don't sell the car within a week or so it will end up on E-bay. In the year I have owned this car I have:

I am selling this car at a loss for a quick sale. I am offering it to Rennlisters first, if no one here wants this car I will list it on E-bay so please act fast if you are interested.

The car is Felsengrün metallic (which is "Granite Green") with grey-green leather interior (this '87 has more leather parts in the interior than my friends' '89GT and '91S4 cars do.) This is a rare and desirable color combo. People always comment on the way the colors look together, they each bring out the green and grey in one another (the interior and exterior colors.) The driver's seat is 8 way power but the forward/backward adjustment doesn't work. I have tested the motor and it is fine, the problem is in the switch, I tried cleaning it and replacing the wiring harness with a brand new one but the switch needs to be replaced (I can pull the connections from the up/down motor and the forward/back works.) The passenger is 8 way power seat is heated, according to the maintenance records the passenger seat back was starting to "wear the gears" so a Porsche repair shop welded it in place so the seat release does not work to lean this seat forward and the back forward/back seat back adjustment no longer works making the passenger seat effectively a 6 way seat. All other adjustments work great on both seats. Sony CD player works great, all speakers except for passenger far rear work great, speaker cover missing on large door speaker.

All of the numbers match for every panel except for the driver side door which was replaced last year at a shop here in Denver ($2909.) There are some small dings and paint chips here and there but overall the car looks very good for a 18 year old car with 192,xxx miles! The interior needs some attention, the dash and pod are cracked, the seats show some wear but no holes or tears. the carpet is worn out but there are many positives to this car and I feel that it is an excellent value at the asking price.

I have most of the maintenance records with the car from January '95 on and some before that (service book stamps and a couple of receipts.) I have compiled some documentation of my own that I will include with this car. To my surprise the owners manual, black felt Porsche dealer listing booklet, and the warranty and maintenance book came with the car. The maintenance book does have the correct VIN and option codes for this car! Here is the info from that book:


928 910

M2842-81H  A2812-16H

L699    LB

C02    018    158    220    340

418    490    494    650

Here are what those last two lines mean:

C02 Equipped with catalytic converter 

018 Sport steering wheel with elevated hub 

158 Radio "Monterey" - 86 "Reno" - 87 

220 Locking differential 

340 Seat heating - Right 

418 Protective side moldings 

490 Hi-Fi sound system 

494 Amplifier system 

650 Sunroof 

The 928s4vr website VIN decoding info would lead me to believe that this car may have been the 131st S4 built?

This is one of the "early S4" cars that came to the U.S. in late 1986. There are some differences between these early cars and the "normal" '87 S4. The biggest visible difference is the "flip up" rear spoiler and the fuel lines on either side of the motor with the blue plugs on them. Generally these early cars also have forged 944 turbo connecting rods and oil squirters on the crankshaft (unique to '87 motors -the 968 had this feature also.) I have not taken the motor apart to confirm this but it is a safe assumption. If you do a search on the rennlist you will find a host of information on the differences and find out why this car is a good one to buy.

Here is a list of what I know of that does not work on the car:

Other issues with this car: