The CIS Primer has been moved to in order to maintain control of it's content. If you're interested in why it was moved, read below, then return here and click this link.

Why was it moved?

FTP access to my Rennlist Members' website had become increasingly unreliable, resulting in my frequent inability to make any addtions, modifications, or changes to the content.

Apparently most other Rennlist Website owners' have lost interest in their free websites (originally set up by John Dunkle), and their ability to connect to them over the last few years. Evidently no one except me seems to have notified the Internet Brands' Rennlist administrator of this loss of connectivity.

After a significant amount of searching, I was finally able to locate someone at Internet Brands who was able to find the right person to reset the server software to allow FTP connections to resume. They had been unaware of a problem.

Hopefully the restored connectivity will continue. In the meantime, my Rennlist site will probably be in a state of flux with some of the former posted material redirected to my JBW site.

Posted 12/11/2012