Dedicated to technical information for the maintenance and enhancement of the 928

W ho I am:

928 lover, amateur mechanic, lover of things that work right. Bought my 1983 928S, US-spec, Black/Saddle, in July 2001. Although physically beautiful, it needed mechanical work. The tale and a picture are here.

What's here:

Please note: this page is brand spankin' new and it's taking some time to get my stuff together. Hang tight. Last Update - March 24, 2002

Also, some items are from my own personal experience. Quite a few are not -I want this to be a compendium of information about the 928, with emphasis on the 928S, and I'll give credit everywhere possible to the great 928 minds that have helped me so much: everyone on the Rennlist, the 928OC, and the nice folks at 928 International, 928 Specialists (thanks, Dave, for teaching me that 5 oil pan bolts are 2mm longer than the rest.), and Devek.

Contributions are very welcome. Anytime you like, send me a note, a fix, info I'm missing, or war stories: James