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Welcome to my í87 928 S4 Picture Page



Not much here for now, will be working on this as time permits.

For now, just pictures, which is all anyone cares about anyway I think J



The car is a 1987 US Spec 928 S4. Exterior is Marine Blue and interior is Linen.

Automatic Transmission Approx 45,000 miles now.  I am the 3rd owner.  Car was delivered new

December 1986 in Ogden, Utah.  Car stayed with original owner for 2 years, then sold to someone in

Omaha, NE where is stayed until about 2 years ago, when I bought it at 23,000 miles.

The maintenance records were very thorough, regular service had been done a few months before

I purchased the car.  I flew to Omaha and drove the car home to Texas, didnít miss a beat.  Iíve put approx

20000 miles on her since ,including a 1000 mile week long road trip in the Hill Country of Texas

and a trip to New Orleans and back from Ft. Worth.

If the car didnít have square mirrors and 80ís era wheels, I donít think

I would know it wasnít a brand new car.  Itís the finest Grand Touring car ever made.