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This is a 1993 Carrera 4, the colour is metallic black with black interior. It was purchased by me in december 2003. I am the second owner, the previous owner lived in Switzerland. It has seen 130.000km's since new, 85.000 of them in Switzerland.
It's in a fairly good condition. Since we see alot of salt on the roads during winter time in my area I have quit using it in the winter.
The car is slowly turning in to a fun-only car, beeing used on track and in slalom events (auto cross ?) We have experienced problems only a few times.
The first problem was a broken flywheel sensor, resulting in the engine dying as soon as it reached normal working temperature. The next problem encountered was a leakage in the oilreturn line (from the oilfilter to the bottom of the crank case).
Apart from that the car has been very reliable. Ah ! and I forgot the dualmass flywheel, listen to this. After this I replaced the whole thing with a LWF and a sportsclutch (also making "strange" sounds).
During 2008 I attended my first couple of races in the local "Michelin Porsche Cup 2008" series. In this cup the cars are devided in to classes depending on the weight/power ratio. My car has been placed in class 2 with at least 5kg per hp. The season ended with 2 3. places and a 4.th and a 5.th
I am a member of rennlist and a frequent reader of the 964 forum.

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