There is an easy way to make your Rennlist Web site!
Simply do the following:

  • On your local computer, make a new file folder;


  • Next, using an HTML creation or editing tool, such as Microsoft Word, Frontpage, Hot Dog - or  any application that lets you edit, create or save files as HTML - design your page.  As you save the page, be sure to save any graphics in that same folder you have created - you need all your pages and images saved to that one folder.  Also - your NEW opening page must be called "index.htm", or "index.html", or "default.htm" or "default.html".  Any of these page names let the Rennlist server know what your sites opening page is - and it will load automatically when your site is visited.


  • Once you have your page looking pretty cool - check the links to your graphics files to be sure that they do not call a graphic from your local hard disk.  For example - a graphic in your page should be called by the following tag:

<img src="your_file.jpg">  and NOT:

<img src="c:\my folder\your_file.jpg">

  • Now, you are almost there!  Before uploading your new site to Rennlist - check your graphic image sizes!!!  You want the smallest file sizes that produce the best image quality.  Typically, .JPG files are excellent and will reduce to very small sizes.  Also - the larger the image sizes, the longer it will take your page to load for your site visitors.


  • Now, register your new site on this server, if you haven't done that already.  When you register your site - you have a password and user name to manage it - REMEMBER those settings!!  This is what the Registration Screen looks like:


  • After registering your site, go to the Manage your site, and once you log in, you will see two areas - one for managing your current content on your site and the other area for uploading your files. First - rename or delete the file "index.htm" that was automatically created for you when you Registered your site - you will see this file currently listed in your site directory.  This is the site Manager Screen:


  •  Next, in the Upload area, simply hit the "Browse" buttons, select the files (5 at a time) from your working folder where you created your pages -  and hit the "Upload" button - and be sure to upload your new main page!.  When you are finished uploading these files - your new site will be ready for visitors!