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Page 1 - Some history about the car

Page 2 - Locating rust spots, sandblasting

Page 3 - Visit to Motor Meister

Page 4 - Visit to Corpus Cristi PCA

Page 5 - Oil tank, removing Windshield

Page 6 - Body Work

Page 7 - 911 front suspension, Frame Stiftening

Page 8 - Narrowing/Shortening trailing arms

Page 9 - Motor Installation - Take 1

Page 10 - Oil Lines - Take 1

Page 11 - Accelerator Linkage

Page 12 - New Dash and Turbo Muffler

Page 13 - Wiring

Page 14 - Windshield

Page 15 - Disaster Strikes

Page 16 - Combo Guage Kit

Page 17 - Rich Johnson's Motor Mount

Page 18 - Shift Linkage Modification

Page 19 - Motor Installation - Take 2

Page 20 - Re-route Oil Lines

Page 21 - 914/6 Heat Exchangers

Page 22 - Interior

Page 23 - Bumpers, Rockers, and front air dam

Page 24 - Paint

Page 25 - Lights

Page 26 - Final Thoughts

tony914.jpg (17887 bytes) This is how the car used to look in '82.  I'm getting rid of tail, and going back stock on the rockers.   Adding 911 suspension, wheels, and motor.  Should scream when I get done with it.

Tony Inae's 914/6 Conversion Diary

Well, can you believe it, another 914/4 to 914/6 conversion diary. Doing a conversion like this has been a dream since highschool.

pic00661thm.jpg (2952 bytes) This is how it all began. I bought my first '74 914 at a wrecking yard for $1300. It was hit from behind.

pic00661thm.jpg (2952 bytes) Someone gave me a rear end quarter pannel and I was able to clip and weld it to my car. It was finished before my 16th birthday. I will include pictures of it when I find them.

pic00666thm.jpg (2952 bytes) pic00667thm.jpg (2952 bytes) pic00668thm.jpg (2952 bytes) pic00669thm.jpg (2952 bytes) Trevin Hunt and I managed to roll it around a hairpin turn, down a 6 foot embankment. I was just going too fast around the turn, the front right tire hit the gravel and the rest was history. Lucky for me, I needed an excuse to purchase a straight body with no body work. The insurance company totaled it and gave me $4500 for it, and I bought it back from them for $750... what a deal. I found the perfect shell (which was an engine burn) for $1800, and put all the pieces from the first one into the second one. No bondo, no body work (except on the rear deck lid from the fire and the rear trunk lid. It had been sitting at a Porsche repair shop in Lodi, CA.

I then drove the bright guards red 914 through part of college, until I needed a more reliable car. Between unreliability and not being able to smog the car since putting on dual webber carbs, the car sat... first in the garage, then my folks found a better spot outside in the back yard. There it sat through two years while I explored Japan, the remaining 3 years in college, 4 years of med school, and 3 years of residency in Family Practice. That's a long time for a car to sit outside.

It was time to do my payback with the Air Force (they funded med school), and before making the trip to San Antonio, TX, I got this wild idea to see if the car still ran. I put gas into the car, bought a new battery, and shabang! It fired right up and I drove it to southern California where I and my wife lived. I was actually thinking about converting this beast into an Electric vehicle, but while browsing the internet under 914's, I stumbled upon a company called Motor Meister

They had a 6cyl 911 engine for me. They picked up my car, dropped the transmission to rebuild, and I picked up the car with my '85 BMW 325e and a U-Haul dolly. The BMW pulled the car half way accross the country to our new home in San Anotonio, TX. I hear the transmission is finished waiting to be sent to me. As soon as I can scrape up more money, the birth of the engine can take place. The car is sitting in our garage, waiting patiently.

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