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"Retro Racer"



  * 934 Body Panel Kit
  * Front Air Dam, Fenders

  * QTR. Panels, Doors, Bumper

  * Headlite Buckets available


Product #: 9341

Rear Bumper:  $375.00


Front Bumper:  $425.00


Front Fender:  $575.00 (per pair)



 Can come in other colors besides green





996 "Turbo Look" Bumper for 993 race car


 * For 993 Race Cars

 * Improved airflow

 * Optional, aggressive dive plane

 * Wings, provide additional downforce

 Front Bumper: $670.00    

 Front Splitter wings: $230.00 per pair


  Product #: 9931


 Can come in other colors besides yellow





993 Lightweight Fenders



* Bolt on lightweight competition fenders

* Optional Carbon Fiber headlight covers.


Price: $550.00 per pair


Product #: 9932


Fenders come in stock colors of white or gray.




All of our parts are custom designed and fabricated. We are in the process of designing our own prototype Porsche composites...so look for those in the future. We also will be putting our items on Ebay, we will list those when they occur.
  - Hugh


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