Jurgen's First Home Page

Hi, I'm Jurgen, but almost everyone knows me as Jay.  I've been a big Porsche fan for the past 10 years or so, but just last year I felt confident enough and rich :) enough to buy a Porsche.  I told my parents to keep their eyes open and not much later I possessed a Porsche 912E.  It needed quite a bit of work, but for $2300 at least I had a car that was intact and with no rust.

I am a college student at Georgia Tech, but I had a co-op job back home in Memphis, so my spare time was spent working on my car.  Roughly one year later, the car was on the road.  As of now, I've put around 1500 miles on it. My impressions.  I love the car.  It handles well and brakes like nothing I've ever seen.

Here are some pictures of my progress.  I know I promised some of you guys pictures of my 911 fan conversion, but the pictures are at home.  I will get them online ASAP.

Click for larger version (73kb)
This is the car some time after I bought it.  The rear end is sitting up, since there is no engine back there.

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I think you can see the reason I needed new paint.  The paint was damaged by the improper use of a bra.

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Look at that piece of work.  The metal beneath the paint was in fair shape.  It took a lot of scraping, aircraft paint stripper, and naval jelly to get the hood in fine shape for etch primer.

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After a few coats of etch primer, we laid down the coats of primer surfacer.  Afterwards, lots of wet sanding produced a baby butt smooth finish.  If you want to save money on a paint job, get the work to this state and take your Porsche to a paintshop.  Your hard work will be rewarded with a great finish.  Applying etch primer and surface primers is child's play compared to shooting the color.  Here you can see the paint booth walls.  The walls are made from 8 mil plastic, although any material will do fine.

Click for larger version (30kb)
Again, another shot of the car from the side.  If you want a good paintjob, remove everything from the car.  In this photo the only piece of the car still intact is the rear side windows.  In later work, I removed these windows.  I think part of a good job is removal of all pieces.  You just can't simply mask it off.  I used trash bags to cover my wheels, and masking paper to protect my fender wells from overspray.

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Here is an almost finished panel.  The urethane basecoat has been applied along with 3 coats of clearcoat.  All that remains is sanding and buffing.

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Again, a view from the side.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

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Here is a more thorough view of the car.  Gloss is very nice.  We had little or no runs, but orange peel crept up on us.  Not a problem though.  Use of 1500 and 2000 grit paper sanding parellel to the car will get rid of the orange peel.  Be careful at the body seams and edges, because this stuff is fairly soft after only drying for 24 hours.

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Whew!  All this work has me pretty tired.  I think I'll take a nap on my old set of sheepskin covers.

I estimate the labor involved in the bare metal respray was around 200 man-hours.  That is a pure WAG (wild-assed guess).  I don't really tally the hours when I enjoy what I'm doing.  Materials cost me around $300 including extra material for screw-ups.  Don't worry, you'll probably screw up if you paint your car.  The best thing to remember is that most if not all screw-ups can be fixed.

Warning: The paint used in this commercial :) is a urethane basecoat/clearcoat.  Unlike the enamels and lacquers, which are mildly, if not quite toxic, this type of paint absolutely REQUIRES the use of proper ventilation and respiratory aids.  I remember a few times when I got a smell of the stuff without my mask on, and it royally hurt my lungs.  I value my life and respect yours.  If you want a paintjob and are in the Memphis area, I'd be happy to help you out.  Also, I'm not the paint man.  My brother is the painter, and I'm the assisstant/grunt.  Regardless, please be aware this is nasty stuff.

Future plans for this site:  I would like to put up pictures of my car in it's current state and details about my engine and other add-ons.  I will also put up some info about my brother's MGBV8 conversion, and if I can clean the grease from under my fingernails I'll try to take some pictures of myself and post them here.  I'm sure you will agree I am one ugly fellow :).  I would appreciate any criticism of this web page, since this is my first try.  I don't know if I am messing up anything, so PLEASE leave me email.

Thanks for looking and take care.