1973 911T Targa

After I was told (:-{) that I was selling the motorcycle, I started looking around for a 'safer' toy. My goal was something that still had some of the elements of the bike I was selling to take its place. I soon decided that what I was looking for was a classic convertible sports car. I looked at Triumph and MG's and even more modern Miata's and Del Sol's for a while but then settled on the simplicity and proven race pedigree of classic air cooled Porsche's. I spent quite a while looking at ads for 914's and 911's. I checked out several 914's in person and almost bought one. I didn't because I was afraid of the extra maintenance that was going to be required for this Turbo modified car. As it turns out this may not have been nearly as big a deal as what I ended up with. I had decided that 911's were out of my reach because even non-running units I had seen were priced significantly higher than good running cars of other types. Then I saw an ad for a '73 911 Targa (top comes off almost like a convertible) in "good" condition. I decided 'What the heck' and called the guy. He volunteered to drive out to my office in the car so I could take a look. It looked nice and drove despite a lot of strange noises from the transmission. I was in a hurry and the price was lower than any other I had seen so I did not bother with a thorough inspection mistakenly believing that the bad transmission was probably the worst thing that there could be. Below are pictures of the car as it looks without checking closely for problems.

Click on the image to see a bigger version.

So what could be wrong with this good looking car? Well first there's the hole in the floor behind the driver's seat.
Then there's the big rusty holes in the front suspension pan all around the front A-arm attachment points.

As of June, 2002 I have most of the original problems fixed and the car is running pretty good.
I autocrossed it twice this summer and got a couple of pictures from the last time.
It ran much hotter during this event than I was comfortable with so I am presently working on an external oil cooler upgrade.

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