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My 911: 

This is my highly modified 964.  It has a TPC supercharger, Big Red Brembo brakes, very stiff Bilsteins, an RSA interior. 


Here is the engine with the TPC supercharger installed




Here is the Safety Devices bolt in cage.


So I did a complete Rebuild on the engine of this car.  Some pictures of the rebuild follow and then some details of what I did.  Rebuild went perfectly! 


So here is the engine being dropped from below the car.




Here is the case being cracked


Here is the crank before I sent it along with the heads to Walt at Competition Engineering.


I had him put in a set of ARP rod bolts since he was inspecting the crank anyway.

Walt completely rebuilt the heads with new valves, guides, and racing springs. 

I am in Boston but it was well worth the $50 shipping to send everything to Walt.




My dad and I did some male bonding and re-assembled the engine together.


I went to Bruce Anderson and Jerry Wood’s engine rebuilding course.  It was great!!


We relied heavily on Wayne’s book:


How to Rebuild and Modify your Porsche 911 Engine + Bonus CD-ROM

And you can’t do a rebuild without this book or a factory spec manual:

Porsche Carrera 964 1989-1994 Technical Data-Without Guesswork, by Bentley Publishing


I also think you have to buy the manuals or else buy a copy of the manuals on CD which are available for $50 on line.


Do not start without the right hardware.  In the Northeast there is no place like





The case before cleaning


The finished product!!!


So here I am at Lime Rock in the new race car! Actually shortly after this was taken I blew the engine and so I am temporarily sidelined. The new engine is coming though. Check out these Miata links:

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Here are some pics of my 911 as it was.


This is me in my Formula Dodge at Skip Barber's Race School!

My friends at Mosport


A P car I used to own

Following are some of the best links araound:

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