Car parts for sale:

Click on links to view picture. Prices are in USD plus shipping. If you think I am asking too much, make me an offer ([email protected]).


(all parts are for cars with the 3liter V6 engine, i.e., Shadows, Lebarons, Minivans, Daytonas etc.)


New-style intake plenum. Dirty, but excellent condition. Good for porting. $20.


Old-style lower intake assembly. Includes fuel pressure regulator, 6 fuel injectors, fuel injector harness, several sensors. Has the desirable old-style parallel fuel rail. Dirty, but excellent condition. $20.


2 brand new oil filters and oil filter wrench. $10.


Brand new automatic transmission filter kit for cars with A-604 (41TE) transmission. Contains filter element, gasket, o-ring. $15.



(all parts are for 3.8 liter supercharged Thunderbird coupe)


Air filter box assembly with MAF meter. Dusty, but excellent condition. $10.


Intake runner with "Supercharged" script. Excellent condition. $10.


Intake manifold with supercharger connection. Contains working bypass valve. Excellent condition. $10.


Throttle body with working TPS sensor. Excellent condition. $10.



Coolant expansion tank for 951. Yellowed from age, but no leaks. Holds pressure fine. $10.