Oil Analysis Program


I am pleased to announce the availability of an Oil Analysis Service for  Ferrari  owners. 


The Analysis Report will include analysis of the following on a ppm (parts per million) basis: Iron, Copper, Lead, Chromium, Aluminum, Tin, Silicone, Silicone (Dirt), Sodium, Fuel Dilution, Solids, Water, Glycol and Viscosity.  Along with the lab report, you will receive an analysis which will tell you what is considered normal and what appropriate actions should be taken.  Upon receiving your Oil Analysis Kit you will have everything you need to collect and return the sample for analysis. 


Testing Frequency

There are a couple of schools of thought surrounding the suggested frequency of testing automobile lubricating oil.  Some suggest taking 3 samples during the life of the oil change: 1st after the oil change (with-in a few hundred miles), again in the middle of the life cycle (about 1500 miles) and the 3rd near the time of the next oil change.  This is the fastest way to tell the condition of your engine, which you may find useful if you’re planning to sell your vehicle and want to provide the prospective buyer/s with an accurate analysis of the engine’s condition.   Or, you may just want to find out the condition and wear patterns of your engine to make sure your engine is wearing normally. 

Another, more long term method is to extend the sampling frequency to every  3rd oil change.  Assuming you change your oil every 3000 miles or so, this will provide a sample every 9000 miles - although you may want to adjust this frequency after obtaining the results of your initial test.  This will provide a basis for you to see if there are problem areas, correct them, or if minor, keep an eye on them.  I also want to stress that this is not a “do it once and I’m done” kind of maintenance program.  This is a maintenance program that needs to be done the same as you would perform a tune up, or any regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.  It is often referred to as a “Predictive Maintenance Program” and can be vital to properly maintaining your vehicle.


The Analysis Report Will Include:

Ø Unit ID (vehicle's engine number or VIN)
Ø Date sampled
Ø Unit sample ID
Ø Results of wear metals, physicals and Glycol

Ø Brand and Weight of Oil Used
Ø Unit sample ID
Ø Interpretation
Ø Advise and suggestions to be taken regarding abnormal results


What Makes This Program Unique

In addition to providing the Oil Analysis Service, I will also maintain a database of all  Ferrari’s so you will be able to see what yourself and other owners are experiencing at similar mileages, brand and type of oil used, engine type.  You will no longer have to wonder if the oil you are using is providing the king of protection your valuable engine needs, or if that expensive engine rebuild you just paid for is wearing normally.  (No names will be provided, just statistical data.  Owners privacy will be protected at all times.)


What You Will Learn

          This program will alert you to potential problems before they grow into large, expensive ones.  However, once alerted you will have to move to the next step to find the exact cause of the higher than normal levels and rectify the problem.  While every engine, even new or perfectly operating ones, will contain a certain level of contaminates that are by-products of the combustion process – gasoline, air and coolant all can contribute to contamination.  The benefit of an oil analysis program – not just a single sampling – is a warning of problems before the more obvious signs of engine damage make themselves known – like bearing noise, loss of compression or those frightening metal particles on the magnetic oil drain plug. 


          This program is offered primarily to provide analysis of engine oil.  But it will also provide the same warning system for transmissions, steering gear, transaxles, and other lubricated components.


You may also be surprised to know that new engines do wear, sometimes significantly.  During the manufacturing and assembly process contaminates creep into the new engines and other components.  While some manufacturers insist that engines do not need oil changes early in their life, oil analysis shows that contaminant levels are not only present during the first few thousand miles but can be higher than subsequent test.  This is why we recommend a break-in fluid change to rid the components of these contaminants.


Groups Who Use Oil Analysis

          An effective oil analysis program is a tool widely in use through out the transportation and manufacturing industry.  Bus services, airlines, refinery complexes railroads and the trucking industry are just a few of the organizations that rely on oil analysis to help them protect their valuable assets – and you should do the same thing.  The documentation provided by an on-going oil analysis program is also an excellent sales tool should you decide to sell you well cared for automobile.  Nothing will tell your prospective buyer that you take care of your vehicles like a historical, on-going oil analysis program.  Similarly, when buying an expensive vehicle, if you find the seller has carefully monitored the wear of his well-maintained machine, it will inject a feeling of confidence in the condition of the engine.


Examples of Potential Problems Detected by :


Elevated Chromium >>>>>>>>>

Elevated Copper     >>>>>>>>>


Elevated Copper     >>>>>>>>>

Silicon (Dirt)          >>>>>>>>>

High Iron              >>>>>>>>>


Glycol Presence      >>>>>>>>>

Increased Piston Wear.

Bearing Wear – Especially in Turbo Engines.

Copper Content in Additives

Worn Seals or Bad Air Filter

Excessive Cylinder Wear or Broken Ring

Leaking Head Gasket


The sample kit will include everything needed to collect and submit the sample, including: Instructions, Sample Bottle, Padded Return Envelop, Mailing Label, and Sample Bottle Label. 


This service is available for $19.99 per sample.  A quantity discount is available at the rate of 3 samples for $55.


We are in the process of obtaining our Credit Card Merchant Account so for now payment can be made with check or money order or PayPal (go to www.paypal.com) my email address: [email protected]  --- it doesn’t show up well, but there is a underscore “_” between the L and T in the email address.


When ordering please provide your name, complete mailing address including zip code, year, make and model of car.  A more detailed survey will be included with your sample kit.


Oil Analysis Service

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