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Hi.  I'm Mike.  Jesus is my one and only Savior.  Life is a mission!  Should you choose to accept it, accept Him, He's the only Way to successfully accomplish the mission! <><  MORE SOON…



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1983 Porsche 944 – bought in 1998 with 18,xxx miles on it, the car now has 26,xxx miles on it.  It is in pristine condition, zermatt silver metallic with black partial leather interior.  The car is manual, and among the options are rear window wiper, headlight washers,  side moldings, rear stabilizer bar, and 7” fuchs wheels in front, 8” fuchs wheels in rear.


1984 Porsche 944 – bought on Oct. 29, 2001 with 68,xxx miles, this car has just about every record with it.  It is in very good condition, although it has been repainted its original color, Gemini grey metallic.  It has brown and tan interior which is also in good condition.  Among this cars options are full leather sport seats, sunroof delete, side moldings, and Blaupunkt Monterey SQR 22 cassette player.  At this point the car has just over 92,xxx miles on it.


1985.5 Porsche 944 – this car is automatic, and not much of its history is known.  It has received an engine swap from an 84 parts car, the engine has approx 158,xxx miles on it, burns little oil, and runs strong as ever.  The head was taken off, as was the oil pan, everything cleaned and replaced, and the engine was installed at home.  The transmission was recently rebuilt, and a new dme was put into the car.  It is currently for sale, asking $2500.  My father drives it daily to work, and it is a good reliable fun car to drive.




1980 Yamaha QT 50 G – an old school moped that I use to get around Hobe Sound when I don’t feel like driving the car.  It’s red and white, and tops out at about ~30 mph (I need to get the speedometer fixed, but I’ve checked it with a GPS).  I got it from my friend Tricia, and fixed it up.  It used to be her older brothers, but he let it fall into disrepair.  I fixed it in 2003 and have been riding it occasionally since.


1978 Yamaha XS 750 SE – cool project that I got from my former resident advisor.  Has around 31,xxx miles on it.  It had a fire when he owned it, and I bought it for him with the intent of fixing it up and riding it a bit.  My mother doesn’t quite enjoy the idea, so I may end up selling it.  I would like to use it first, so it might not be up for sale just yet ;)



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