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Factory Tech bullitins, in PDF Format:
Tech bulletin 1: Alternator with integrated regulator
Tech bulletin 2: Hydraulic tensioners
Tech bulletin 3: G50 release bearing
Tech bulletin 4: G50 mod Clutch release lever bearings
Tech bulletin 5: 85-89 axle shafts and CV joints
Tech bulletin 6: Modifications on Door and hinge pillars
Tech bulletin 7: Cross-arm window lifters.

Chasis Serial Number Information:
1965-1969        1970-1973        1974-1977        1978-1983        1984-1986        1987-1989

Engine Serial Number Information
1965-1969        1970-1973        1974-1977        1978-1983        1984-1986        1987-1989

Interesting stuff:
"Excellence" primered 930 article    1.2MB PDF
1972 911 "Car and Driver" review   733 KB PDF
Mark Donohue tests 1969 Porsches for "Car and Driver"    1.2 MB PDF
"Car and Driver" review 1980 911SC  1.8 MB PDF
"Excellence" Modern RSR Reproduction vs. the real thing 1 MB PDF
"Car and Driver" review 1984 911 Carrera  500 KB PDF
Factory sales brochure for 917   500 KB PDF
"911 & Porsche World" guide to Le Mans  1.8 MB PDF
Bobby Allison tests 1974 911s for "Car and Driver"  2.2 MB PDF
"Car and Driver" tests the new 1965 911s  2.5 MB PDF
October 1976 "Car and Driver" Compares Turbo RSR (934) with Monza race car   1.2MB PDF
September 1964 "Car and Driver" road tests a Porsche 904   1.4MB PDF
Sports Car Shootout from December 1981 "Car and Driver"   1.4MB PDF
December 1975 "Car and Driver" tests the new Turbo Carrera and 912E  1.6MB PDF
August 1973 "Road and Track" compares the 911S and Carrera RSR  800 KB PDF

Boxster Commercial with 550 Spyder  Real media format

2002 Monterey Sports Car Championships, Laguna Seca

Background picture, Mathiew Lowrance leading the PCA Club race towards Turn 10, at the US Sports Car Invitational at Laguna Seca, Oct 2002  ©Tom Aiken, 2002,