Dave's long term 914 Project

 BEWARE: As with my car, my home, my wife, my garage, and myself this site is always under some form of CONSTRUCTION!

 This 1973 914 was severely abused by its previous owner, in fact he said he wanted $1000 for it I offered $200 and started walking, when I heard him say SOLD I should've ran.

 That was eight years ago and I've only driven the car 50 miles it has been trailered from Shreveport LA to Columbus NJ and then flat towed to, were it calls home (for now), Altus OK.

 YES this page was slapped together at the last minute but since I'll by driving a Toyota at the Mid US Ramble I wanted you to know I actually have a 914.



 My 914 project

Early picturesepics.htm

Major bodyworkmbw.htm

Prepping for the paint booth.


Paint by Number.



 A little about me.






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