I've owned this car four great years, and am only selling because I got a deal I couldn't pass up on a friend's 993.

You know about the 3.2 Liter Carrera's great reputation and specifications, so I'll skip the sales pitch and tell you the recent maintenance history. New front and rear dashes, windshield (old leather dashes shrunk and cracked), new steering rack, turbo tie rods, aligned. Lowered with aftermarket 993 Cup wheels (I'm sure you notice those) and recent Bridgestones and an aftermarket turbo tail. These were on the car when I bought it. She stands out in a crowd, that's for sure. Short shift kit with fresh bushings, full tune up (plugs, wires, dist cap etc). Valves were adjusted at the same time, just a couple of thousand miles ago, so all you'll need to do is drive it. New alternator in 1999. I have the maintenance records going back about a decade.
I was a couple thousand dollars into a restoration when the 993 came along.
I drive the car all the time. To work, to play, to get groceries. I make up excuses to go for a drive, and Monterey has some great roads. I have done three D/Es in the last three years and three AutoX's. The car is awesome. It doesn't get hot like SC's tend to do. It has never let me down.
I have maintained the car accordingly. Fresh oil and filter, flushed and bled the brakes (ATE fluid), new pads as appropriate before every event. The PCA region I was with required a shop perform a full inspection before each event. Oil changes, valve adjustments all performed much more frequently than specifications during my ownership.
Down sides: average respray in original color a few years before I bought the car, now has rock chips aplenty. Crappy stereo. Typical warped door pockets were next to be replaced. AC needs recharge, but I never use it anyway. It sounds too good with the windows rolled down.

Large Photos (approx 250kB):
Inside Drivers Door
Drivers Side Dash
Inside Passenger Door
Ext Rear
Front Bumper
Int Rear
Drivers side dash again
Drivers seat
Drivers seat
Ext rear
Exterior Side
Exterior Front