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Me at a Swap Meet (no, that's not my junk!)

Why "Damp Dave"?

I drive (when I can) a convertible--a VW-Porsche 914.  One day I was forgetful enough to leave the top at home in the garage when I drove the car to work.  Right before quitting time, it started raining.  I ran out to the parking lot to put the top on the car...  Whoops!  So I had to drive home in the rain.

It turns out that, over 35 MPH, all of the rain goes up and over the passenger compartment.  So the highway part of the trip home was pretty nice.  Stoplights, however, sucked.  Picture, if you will, a long-haired freak (see the above pic), in a leather jacket, at a stoplight, in an open-topped car, in the rain.

I compounded my forgetfulness with foolishness, by telling the folks on one of the 914 e-mail lists about my adventure.  I usually sign my notes "--DD", so one of the list wags, Mike Cooley, immediately dubbed me "Damp Dave".  It stuck, so I adopted the monicker.