When I purchased my 1987 S4 Auto in December 2000, I thought I was getting a 'Cream Puff' - little did I know what I was getting into. I must say that so far, it has been an interesting and very fullfilling experience. I have tinkered around with nearly all of the vehicles that I have owned - but never one so sophisticated as our cars. I have tried to show things as complete (yeah... right!) as possible. Keep in mind that my following 'experiences' documented may be different than what you encounter (or in other words....YMMV).

To make things as painless as possible, I have received a tremendous amount of support from fellow 928 Owners found on the rennlist as well as invaluable information (not to mention alot of patience answering my questions) from my friends at 928 International and 928 Specialists.

The HVAC System (aka the Climate Control System) (under construction - but a good start)

New Carpet - Is It For You? (under construction)

The Parking Brakes (under construction)

Roof Mounted Antenna - Ahhh, the Fin (under construction)

GTS Mirrors (under construction)

GTS Brake Upgrades - Can You Say STOP??? (under construction)

Instrument POD Removal Made Easy (yeah...right) (under construction)

Door Panel Removal (under construction)

Front Seat Removal (under construction - just waitin' on the pics!!!)

Torque Tube Replacement - yet another version!!! (in progress)

The Intake Manifold (under construction)

Valve Cover Removal (under construction)

Center Console Removal (under construction)

Timing Belt Do's and Don'ts (under construction)

Adjustable Cooling Flap Checks (under construction)

Some of My Favorite Sites (under construction)

Pics of My Car (under construction)

Sharks in the Mountains - 2001 (under construction)

aka "The Yellow Jacket"

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