Yes, we're
. . . and proud of it!



As purchased . . .   Pamela and I "accidentally" bought another Porsche last summer ('99).   It's a difficult color to describe - brownish gray metallic (sort of like a pussywillow bud that is silvery from certain angles) with chocolate leather interior.  Sport shocks and stabilizers package, power steering, and cookie cutters completed the package as we bought it.

NOW! Since then, I've added 16x7 and 16x8 "phone dial" wheels from a 944 Turbo wearing 225/60 and 245/55 Kumho tires, replaced the power steering rack with a rebuilt one, and replaced the rubber clutch disk with a spring one.  What's left?  How about a supercharger ("kompressor") for an additional 60 horsepower?

We use this car primarily for tours with our PCA region and vacation trips.  It's a very comfortable GT cruiser.


   The one and only 914 Lite 2.5 is GONE.  Click on the picture for a full description and pictures of what it once was:
   NOTE:  A few parts are still available at


   We've also had one each of the following Porsches:
  •      '87 924S (black/black cloth - leased when new)
  •      '86 944 automatic (ocean blue/linen leather)
  •      '74 914 a stock class 2.0 (orange/black vinyl)
  •      '70 914 Ginther-style vintage racer (yellow/black vinyl)


Michael and Pamela Nugent
Renton, WA
[email protected]