Page 8 - SITM 2001


All the sharks (50+) in a circle
at Grandfather Mountain

This photo was created from (2) digital JPG files taken by Dana
using ArcSoft photo editing software
(the target point for blending the two images is the passenger side
mirror of the black 928 in front of the silver 928 on the left)

John & Dana Krawczyk and the Blueshark
(with matching haircuts!)


On the way to Grandfather Mountain

Parked next ot Chuck Bos' 87 $4

A trio of 928s'

The Koenig 928

Randy Page's supercharged beast

My humble 1979 16valver
Note the H4's
Pretty nice eh?

(I noticed some of the other A/C condensers on other early era 928's and they don't
look anything like mine. What up with that?)

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