Page 4 - Hershey Swap 2001

Hershey Swap Meet 2001
Hershey Park
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Saturday, April 21, 2001.

My lovely bride Dana putting the finishing touches on our baby in the Peoples Choice Concours paddock.
The red 928 behind the 911 was the winner of the water cooled class.
Brian's 928 was the sharpest looking shark in the harbor.
Brian is the guy in the white shirt behind Dana's head.
The Boxster behind her also won its class too.

All polished and ready to go.
Dana did a fantastic job prepping the car.
Time to go walking around.

Time to go walk around and look at the rest of the swap

I found my new tag in the mailbox when i got home from Hershey.
Way to go Maryland DMV!

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