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Normal Photography

I recently acquired as a gift from my lovely bride Dana a Pacific Imaging Prime File 1800 negative/slide scanner. Excited with the
prospect of scanning all my old photos and slides, i started to do just that. These photos were refined with a copy of
Adobe Photoshop Deluxe (im too cheap to buy a full version right now).

The subject matter i like the most is still life, nature and industrial/transport ion.
I'm really drawn to the linear nature of things.
I also love trains!

Somewhere in south Baltimore, MD near Hawkins Point marine terminal. 1979
This is a scan of a Kodachrome 64 slide i shot back in 1979 with my first real camera,
An Olympus OM-10 w/50mm f1.8 lens w/a polarizing filter.

somewhere in South Baltimore

B & O Train Museum
more train pics to come...

Ft McHenry 1979

Ft McHenry 1979

This is a scan of a Extachrome 200 slide i shot with my Olympus also in 1979 and processed myself
in my makeshift darkroom (bathroom). I kept the enlarger in a storage closet to do the dry work.

Sunset at Liberty Reservoir - 1979

Olympus OM-10 w/50mm f1.8 lens w/a polarizing filter.
Underexposed (on purpose) on Extachrome 200. Self Processed.

Sunset at Soldier's Delight Park in Randallstown, MD. 1979

Olympus OM-10 w/50mm f1.8 lens w/a linear polarizing filter.
Underexposed (on purpose) Extachrome 200. Self processed.

More to come as i scan all my old and newer stuff...

New Stuff

A male woodpecker from a nesting pair living in my back yard. Olympus OM-2N w/400mm w/polarizing filter for 1/250 sec @ f/8
on Kodak Elitechrome 200. I feel fortunate to live in a wooded community near a river that is home to a great many wonderful creatures.

Such as Mr Frog here...

He was living in my Koyless Koy pond that need a serious cleaning out, but is a perfect habitat
for him (or her, im not really sure). I think they may have migrated to the Severn River by now.
Nikon N60 w/200mm for 1/125 sec @ f/5 with flash on Fuji 400 print film.