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Me in a 2000 Boxster. This was the pace car for the 2000 Piney Orchard GP bicycle race. One of our sponsors
happened to be a Porsche dealer and they sent this over, complete with a real race car driver.

This is a shot of all of us who were at the Fall Mountain Drive, or Mini-SITM in western North Carolina on Sept. 15, 2001
My '79 is the car on the far right.

A couple more shots from 2001 SITM @ Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina

Dana's 1988 Volvo 740 GLE aka The Cheese Wagon
Still runs but its getting a little long in the tooth.
Body damage is from last winter. No worries about driving this thing in bad weather.

This is my daily driver 1993 Ford Ranger 4X4 std cab long bed pickup.
Its has 182,000 miles on it now and its still going quite strong.

The worlds smallest 928. The 928 Monopoly token.
This was made in 1985 as part of a complete Porsche Monopoly game.

Hot Wheels RIce
Everybody's jumping in on the import tuner scene

This here is a Toyota Celica. Note the 'bling bling' wheels,
silly wing and fart can. In lower right image you can see the mad tyte subs in the back seat.
It aint real if you aint got tunes.

Check out the this Ford Focus. Ay carumba!
And I thought it was Mothers that supported
the import/ricer scene.