Page 15 - Rehabbing Johnny Fatbiker

I'm putting this page here to motivate me to get back into shape.
I hope I don't scare too many of you looking at these tragic photos.

June 10th I went for my longest ride in 6 months (23 miles) and first ride in almost 5 months.

I had a great time. It's good to know that I still love to ride a bike.

Since my mother in-laws diagnosis with ovarian cancer last December my racing and  training
just didn't seem all that important. Since my in-laws moved in with me and Dana in January so Dana
can take care of her daily needs, I've been too busy to worry about bike riding.

I am happy to report that on Friday, June 8th, after 6 rounds of life draining chemotherapy, My mother in-law,
Diane is getting better. Doc says no more chemo. Time to move on to the next phase of recovery.
If all continues well and after couple months of physical therapy to get back her strength back and hemocrit levels up,
her and dad will be heading home to restart their lives again.

While getting ready for a dinner date with some friends on June 9th, my wife insisted that I start training again. Something
about the tragedy of a 38 year old man looking 6 months pregnant just didn't sit well with her.
(i'm not to thrilled about it either, but i've managed to keep a sense of humor about it all)

Who am I to argue, besides not racing and training has makes me clinically depressed as well as overweight.

Aye Carumba!
230 pounds of rolling fat coming at ya!

Holy Fatbody!
There should be a law against putting that much fat into lycra! Imagine the strain on my poor bike!
Our team sponsor, Cannondale sure gets allot of ad space on my broad backside. You can spot that logo a mile away!
This is not the body of a man who did 100 miles in 4hrs 30mins less than 9 months ago!
Time to be that man again!

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