Page 13 - Fan Clutch Rehab

Refill the clutch with oil

 After clamping the fan bracket to this table with a 3" C-Clamp, I used a heat gun purchased from
Home Depot for $25 to heat the fan clutch while spinning it, being careful not to overheat and damage the clutch.
"This expands the air in the clutch and moves the oil in the clutch to the outer edges,"
says Wally Plumley in his write up of this procedure.

to continue with Wally Plumley, "Remove the heat source. Continue to rotate fan and clutch,
and drip the oil (Toyota silicone oil, part number 08816-03001-get (2) each) into the
grommet (fill) hole. The combination of cooling and rotation will pull the oil in and distribute
it to the outer edges. When oil stops going into the hole, repeat the cycle of heating and cooling."

Once the oil is in, I put all the parts back together....

....making sure the bimetal strip is right side up.
On mine it was easy since my strip has watermark like markings on the exposed side (right side up)

Time to put it all back into the car in reverse order I removed it.
But before I did that I decided to check my timing belt's tension while i had great access to it.

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