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Below is a picture of our newest acquisition, as it was found in the town of Tuxedo, NC


For those of you that are not "car people", it's a 1964 Porsche, model 356, coupe.
They were made from 1948 (first prototype) to 1965 at which time Porsche introduced the 911.


Turn your head to the left to get the proper view....


This is the car about 3 years ago before it went in for rust repair...


The "Shop" where I found it. Tuxedo, NC

The engine, under an inch of shop dust. No the fan Is not part of the deal...

Found the transaxle among other derelict parts.


Here you can see the new pan/bottom that was put in a couple of years ago.

Loaded up and ready for its 40 mile trip to its new home.

On the road again, sort of...

Backing this rig down our driveway was quite a site.

Unloading with help from a neighbor. Note: The front and rear dollies are not connected!!!

From this view I'd say we have a problem....


Nope, it made it with an inch to spare.

* * *

Before the 356 project begins, the house project needs to be further along, so until I can give you progress reports on the Porsche, I'll let you know how the house remodel is coming along.

We've been at it one year now and, thanks to the help of contractors at the beginning, we feel good about the progress so far. Below are a few pictures :

Front view of our house just before we bought it.


View as seen from in front of garage.


Front after old driveway was removed, grass planted and house painted. We had enough of brown over the last 15 years !


New driveway being laid. (200 feet from street to garage)

Driveway is in, new roof is on, new front yard is created from dirt excavated from RV parking pad next to garage.


Side of garage which became new parking area for our motor home after removing about 4 feet of dirt.

Back deck. No changes here yet except for paint.


Front wall of family room.

Adding of the new front entrance and porch. To the right and below the upper story is the new kitchen bay window.

View from the front deck looking toward the new French doors going into the family room.

 We have made quite a lot of progress since these last pictures and will update the

site as soon as we get them processed. Sure would be nice to have a digital camera....


Last Update: 7-27-02