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Baker Tractor Corp.

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                  Hi, and welcome to the Baker Tractor Motorsports, Rennlist web site. This site will be developed over the 2005 race season and I want to warn any visitors that this is my first attempt at developing a web site so you please be tolerant of any rough navigation!

To get started here are some basics on the car and what we plan to put up during the course of this season.


Car 711 is a Porsche 935K3 1979 (replica) 2238 lbs wet, built on 74 tub s/n 9115201140

Currently racing in PCA Club events class GT-1R


3.8 liter EFI w/ AIM dash and Race Studio 2 data acquisition. 

Twin turbochargers Rear wheel HP 600+, torque 550+ ft. lbs. @ 1.0 BAR


                Porsche G-50/50 Custom 3-4-5 geared to 179 MPH @6800 RPM’s in top gear. Clutch is a 7.5 inch triple disk rated to 1000 ft. lbs of torque.


935 components throughout with Eibach springs and JRZ shocks, Brakes are Alcon 14” front and 12.75” rear rotors with Porsche cup car calipers and Padgit pads.

Body work

American International Racing (mounting by Eurotech)

Paint and Fiberglass finish Joe Jennings, Fall River MA   (508) 675-733

Rear wing by Pennon Composites, Jamesville, NY (315) 498-4401