Turtle Racing 1967 Porsche 911 Big Bad 1978 930

Turtle Racing

This is the web page of Turtle Racing.  A purely amateur racing effort by Bill Betts and family.  

I'm fortunate enough to own two Porsche 911's.  One is a 1967 911 that has been converted to a track only car.  The interior has been gutted and other weight reducing actions have been taken.  The car currently weighs 2113 pounds with a half a tank of gas.  There is a full roll cage installed, a five point harness and a light-weight racing seat.  The current motor is a 1969 2.0 liter S motor with Webers.  The ignition has been changed to an MSD6AL.  The suspension upgrades are 19mm sway bar in the front and 16mm sway bar in the rear.  The front brakes have been upgraded to the A caliper and have Performance Friction pads.


The second car is a 1978 930 with a highly modified engine putting out 441 HP at the crankshaft.  This car was developed by Michael Benet of ImagineAuto.