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                            Car and Driver review of the 1980 Porsche 911SC.  Notice the reader comments and their perspective on the
                                  future of the 911.  Best viewed at 100% size.

                                Here is the tech article I wrote while lowering the ride height on my 1980SC

                                Here is the window sticker from my 1980 911 SC.

                                Here is a picture of my 1980 911SC.  Black Metallic on tan leather, 7" x 9" Fuchs

                                A couple laps of the Parking Lot Grand Prix.  Yes, will need new tires soon, but what
                                a fun way to get to know your car in a *safe* environment :)

                                Not Porsche-related, a proud dads video of his just-turned-2 son skateboarding...
                                He must have learned this from his big brother Zach, whom he totally adores.

                                Be careful when working in the garage, pics of my "popped" toe after part of a desk fell on it.