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Hey, and Welcome to the page! Most people on the net know me as badcoupe, the nickname given to my mustang. Here you will find a little about me and some of my toys along with in the future some of my customer cars and those belonging to my friends.

This is the main ride, my 91 coupe. She now sports some Weld Draglites and possibly a new hood because the present one is a bit too small. Under the hood is a 396 Windsor. On the dyno it made 610 HP on motor and it's set up to spray a 200 shot so nines should be easy once the car dialed in. The block is filled with hard block water jacket filler, a custom huge solid roller to help augment the total engine airflow TFS heads.  Backing it up is a C-4 and the reliable 8.8 rear with some 4:10 gears. Car still has A/C, power steering, and a full interior along with a wolfe racecraft 6 pt. cage

Also in the collection (can a man ever have enough?) Is my little 86 Porsche 951. With the k-26 turbo currently sent off and it will return a 27-6 hybrid.

  As of now she's been treated to a huntley racing stage 2 chipset, a manual boost controller (set at 22 psi on the old turbo),  a short shift set I had custom made, and a SFR 3" catback exhaust. The original turbo was losing boost  in the higher rpm range and it finally gave up the ghost. I love this car to death because it is a very dependable daily driver that has so far ran in the low 13's and I expect better things to come this spring!

This is what the new 27 compressor size is compared to the old 26.  Notice the fins are chewed up on my old 26. Looks like a nut or something got into it and really made a mess. Now I'm just waiting on Michigan turbo to call me and tell me what the damage is!

Here's a impromptu pic of myself drinkin the beverage of choice and puttin in some wrench on the stang. I was setting the valve lash and tying up some loose ends. Big solid roller cams require quite a bit of maintenance along with engines like this in general.


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