Aryan’s 1989 928 S4


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Man.                Porsche                                                                                       

Type                928 S4                                                                                         

Year                1989                                                                                            

Transmission    Automatic                                                                                    

VIN                  WPOZZZ92ZKS842164                          

Engine code     M28.42                                                                                        

Engine size      5.0L-32v                                                                                       

HP                  316                                                                                              

Torque             317                                                                                              

Compression    10.0:1                                                                                          

Fuel injection    LH-Jetronic                                                                                   

Top speed        265                                                                                              

0-100               6.3 sec                                                                                        

Transm.code    A28.16         1K     Open differential                                                

Paintcode        L22D VN      Slate metallic / Black interior                                                

Options            M139           Seat Heating System, Left Seat                                  

                       M299           Catalyst together with Automatic Transmission (87-89)

                       M340           Seat Heating System, Right Seat                                

                       M650           Electrical Sliding Roof                                                 

                       M935           Seat Cover, Rear - Draped Leather                               

                       M980           Seat Cover - Draped Leather




Some pictures of a great Sunday afternoon drive December 9, 2007. One of the last trips before winter storage.







Here’s Borlands’ pdf-file for making brackets to hold the right rear fender liner on a S4.