My 1970 911S Porsche Targa.

In 1970, I bought a red 1967 Porsche 912. Later in 1970, I bought a silver 1967 911S and sold the 912.  (I do not have pictures of these cars.) In 1972, the transmission went out and the repairs were more than I could afford, having gotten married and bought a house. I sold the car with the engine in the garage and the car in the driveway. For the short time that I owned it, I enjoyed this car immensely and now that my family has grown and moved out, I was able to afford a small luxury of buying a 1970 911S.

This car is registered with the Early "S" registry and I belong to the Diablo Region of the PCA, which lets me share experiences with other Porsche aficionados. When I bought the car, it had bad rust problems and worn transmission synchros (a ghost from my past). I am gradually returning the car to its original condition. I have fixed the rust and the transmission. BTW, Tom Martenot, of Deutsche Motor Sport in Concord, gets the credit for superb work on the transmission and engine. Cecil and Carol Beach of Bodystyle in San Jose did a excellent job fixing the rust damage and making the car whole again. I would rate the car a "4" on the concours "5" point scale.