Here are a few pictures of the 76/77 911 Carrera 3.0 taken at various events in the UK. The Carrera 3.0 was never officially sold the US, however a number of cars found their way over the pond.

Basically it was the forerunner of the 78SC which used a similiar engine with an aluminium crankcase although the crank main bearings were beefed-up on the SC. The magnesium tranny was used for the last year in 77, it would be interesting to see if the later Carrera 3.0's switched over to aluminium trannys.

There were a couple of improvements for the 77 model year, namely an improved 1st gear syncro, new vents in the dash and new door locking buttons.

One possible fault with these cars (apart from pop valve and tensioners) is the engine oil pump and a number of owners have suffered oil pump failure (including me), unusual because it is supposed to be the same pump as the 3.0 turbo.

Apparently the pump design was changed around 76 with a corresponding oil pressure valve change. For more details see the Bruce Anderson Book (page 63).

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