We are Pleased to Announce

the arrival of Scooter, the red on white on black 1986 Porsche 944,

a bouncing new sister for Mariah the triple black 1988 Porsche 928 S4.


As a good friend used to say, the measure of a fast woman is how fast she gets you into trouble. Using this metric Mariah was very fast indeed.

The 928 is the only production level V8 Porsche has produced to date, and a very close relative actually set a stock land speed record in 1987. She has very exotic tastes, and is emphatically not receptive to a cheap date with the mechanic.

Scooter, on the other hand, is more the type you would take home to introduce to mother. Having half the cylinders, she is perhaps a little less liable to plunge into excess, has simple tastes and has that steady, dependable look.

Scooter was previously owned (no...... cherished) by a nice little old lady who had the foresight to lower and stiffen the suspension, invest in 17" performance mag wheels, furnish sticky wide tires, polish strategic areas of the headers, tinker with the accelerator cam, affix aerodynamically advantageous front end trim and shell out for a tuned performance exhaust. Oh yes, there was a short shift package, but we took that out............. a trifle imprecise.

Not to be blinded by lust, we called in an appraiser. The appraiser was entranced and rhapsodized in particular about the sensuous curves of the exhaust system piping.

A quick trip to the CIBC Line of Credit, and there we were......... a bigger happy family.

Scooter will take to the track sometime in August following a visit with Henry at Refined Motor Sports, while Mariah will continue to fly over the beautiful winding roads of the Bruce Peninsula just off Lake Huron here in Ontario Canada.

We would like to acknowledge the role of CIBC TBM Technology in the financial aspects of this initiative.


PS: Oddly, the nice little old lady skipped town with the CD player and the five point seat belts.............



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